Capella Associates Customer Concerns Policy

Document Ref: PD/CC | Version: 1.5 | Last revised: 8th July 2019 | Document owner:  K. Smith.


The purpose of this policy is to set out the intentions and key tools that Capella will use to ensure that it responds appropriately to any complaint or concern made by a customer. For clarity, this includes both internal and external customers, which may include apprentices, their employers, other learners or providers.

A definition of complaints is provided in Appendix 2 of this document; it distinguishes the difference between a complaint and an appeal about assessment, which is handled using a different procedure.


All Capella associates will be aware of and work within this policy.  The Managing Director will take lead responsibility for deployment of this policy.


We aim to:

  1. Act promptly and efficiently, whether a complaint or concern is received verbally, by phone, by email or in writing.
  2. Ensure that learning is extracted and shared and where appropriate to improve Capella processes
  3. Endeavour to avoid repeat complaints of the same nature through our process of continuous improvement.


Key tools we will use to ensure customer concerns are addressed appropriately include:

  1. Build strong and open relationships with all customers such that they feel comfortable to raise complaints and concerns.
  2. Annual review of this policy
  3. Annual communication of this policy to promote the importance of responding to complaints in line with the guidelines
  4. Alerting the Operations Director and/or Managing Director to any instances of complaints or concern as soon as they are recognised
  5. Following the guidelines in Appendix 1 if situations arise
  6. Acting swiftly, carefully and sensitively if any allegations are made against a member of the Capella team (refer to Appendix 2)
  7. Capella Non-Conformance Register, and Safeguarding Register
  8. Standard Agenda for Capella Team Meetings which drives regular review of the Capella Non-Conformance Register, and Safeguarding Register
  9. Capella Changes and Opportunities Register
  10. Learner Handbook contains clear guidance on how a complaint can be made
  11. For apprentices the 'Contract for services with employers' contains a Dispute Resolution Procedure (Schedule 5) and a copy of the Complaints policy, procedure and process is made available to apprentices and employers when the Commitment Statement is signed.
  12. The Complaints policy, procedure and process is published on our website.

If any instances or concerns are raised, the Managing Director will be responsible for alerting any relevant body or bodies and for reviewing and monitoring progress. Information on complaints and appeals appertaining to apprentices will be made available to the inspectorate and/or funding bodies upon request.

Review and Updates

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months as a minimum.

Appendix 1: Procedure for Handling Complaints and Concerns

Key steps:

  1. If a complaint is made verbally, listen carefully to the complaint and note down all details, asking questions to ensure all facts are understood then state to the client (apprentices, their employers, other learners, providers or stakeholders) that their complaint will be investigated in full and that a nominated person from Capella will contact them to provide a formal reply. Do not seek to respond to the complaint in any way but apologise to them and thank them for their feedback. Complaints may also be received in writing, via the form within the Learner Handbook (Appendix 4).
  2. If a complaint is about assessment within a programme of learning or apprenticeship the complainant should be advised whether their complaint is better addressed through the Appeals process. (See appendix 2 below).
  3. As soon as possible, inform the Operations Director or the Managing Director about the complaint and share all details provided by the client. Then agree next steps to validate the complaint and to agree an appropriate response (including who will reply, when and how).
  4. Once the formal reply has been provided to the client, the Operations Director or the Managing Director must review any additional actions to ensure all learning from the situation is captured.
  • Client Testimonials

    Examples of Our Clients

  • Capella Associates Clients
  • Testimonials

    • Capella’s focus on developing long-term relationships and their continual search for innovative approaches to upskilling has enabled Toyota and many other employers to learn and apply best practice Problem Solving tools which deliver great outcomes for all. In our experience, no other training provider has taken such a lead role in the development of sector wide initiatives such as the Automotive Industrial Partnership and development of the ‘improvement suite’ of Apprenticeship standards. Capella constantly seeks innovative opportunities to deliver an excellent service to the learner and to the business.

      Paul Fitzpatrick | Senior Manager | Toyota UK

    • We have found Capella really professional and flexible and their passion for delivering high quality training is a culture we have in common between us and has made working with them highly beneficial. Their knowledge of the automotive sector in particular has also been very useful and has simplified working together to create a really excellent training programme. In addition, they have managed to modify their usual commercial programmes in line with government approved apprenticeship standards, which has enabled us to utilise our Apprenticeship Levy to fund the training.

      Chris Bauman | Group Managing Director

    • Capella are delivering the Business Improvement L4 programme to a cohort of 12 staff at our Barnard Castle site. We chose Capella after a series of meeting with Kate and her team and from day 1 we have been impressed with the professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge of the team. The staff have really thrived on the learning schedule and through working with the programme tutors and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Internal changes on site have impacted on the programme delivery, which Capella took this in their stride, adapting delivery timelines, providing support and working with those facing change has added another dimension to the relationship that has been developed between the site and Capella. While still in delivery mode GSK already believes that the programme has been a success for all involved and we look forward to its completion and sharing that success within the organisation.

      Tim Buchanan | Apprenticeship Vendor Manager | Talent, Leadership and Organisation Development- Centre of Excellence

    • Capella worked closely with Wilko to deeply understand our needs at a strategic and operational level, helping us to jointly explore a range of options to meet these needs. Capella have an experienced team of Lean Six Sigma experts. Their programme design, management expertise and resources are second to none. Wilko have been allocated a dedicated Account Manager which helps us ensure the learner is always front of mind. Capella’s programmes have developed the knowledge, skills and drive of our Wilko delegates to seek and implement improvements in every process, constantly reducing costs, waste and inefficiencies. Capella also enabled Wilko’s leadership of continuous improvement to be showcased through the publication of an extensive article for the Chartered Quality Institute's Quality World magazine.

      Teresa Ward, Wilko Talent Programme Manager, Wilko

    • I would sincerely like to thank you again and the fabulous team at Capella for the dedication shown in achieving the Black Belt qualification. It is such a pleasure to work so closely with passionate professional people and I hope our partnership continues to grow especially with the role out of the new standards.

      Richard Bates, Managing Director, Qualitrain

    • "Capella are a company that keep to their word, they have supported me fully during and even after my projects have been completed. The coaching team are always on hand to help with any issues and often put themselves out to ensure support is available. Highly recommend anyone looking to progress their career to take a look at Capella."

      Chris Woodcock, Jaguar Land Rover